What to Expect

Saddle Fit Evaluation Includes:

  • History of both horse and rider
  • Symmetry and palpation evaluation
  • Movement evaluation
  • Tracings/templates
  • Evaluation of current saddle
  • Static saddle fit (horse square and still)
  • Dynamic saddle fit (horse & rider)

Evaluation of Horse and Rider:

There are many things that must be considered during a saddle fit session. When fitting a saddle to the rider it is important to take into consideration the riders shape, weight and any injuries, as well as their needs and wants. When fitting the saddle to the horse it is crucial to watch the horse move under the saddle to assess anything that might be hindering his movement. When purchasing a new saddle, the horse and rider must be assessed both independently and as a pair. I will watch you ride and ensure that your position is balanced and correct in the saddle and that your horse is comfortable and and able to move freely and balanced.

Evaluation of the Horse’s Back:

During the first segment of the session I will assess your horses symmetry through his feet, shoulders, back and haunches. All the findings will be recorded on your fitting sheet. I will also take tracings and measurements of your horse’s back to determine proper gullet angle. These will also provide a basis for comparing changes during future sessions.

It is important to discuss at this time any injuries your horse has incurred that may effect his way of going, as well as your experience level, discipline, riding curriculum, and future goals.

Evaluation of the Saddle Fit:

A careful evaluation of your current saddle will reveal any faults or problems that may effect its use. If the saddle checks out fine, I will then check the fit on your horse while he is stationary, then evaluate horse and rider in motion. I will then discuss my findings with you and the options available to make the saddle fit your horse better. Most alterations can be done onsite. When adjustments have been completed, it is usually best to get you up in the saddle to check that the work done has fixed the problems and that you are happy with the changes.