Includes tracings & saddle suggestions: $100/session

*Please realize that nothing can be done for a foam saddle that doesn’t fit. properly except a possible conversion to wool or suggestions of pads.

On-site Flocking

Rebalancing flocking through adding or removing flock: $100/session

**In the event that a saddle is flocked to fit the horse without the rider present to participate in fitting and movement evaluation portion of the fitting, Embrace Saddle Fit assumes no responsibility in the event that the saddle is not fit properly. It is imperative that the horse and rider be observed in motion to insure the best fit.

Full Saddle Fit Consultation

Includes all evaluations, tracings, flocking adjustments & saddle pad & girthing suggestions: $200/session

Complete Reflock of Saddle

$325 + 40 return shipping = $365

All wool is removed from panel and replaced with Jacobean Wool.

Foam/Air to Wool Conversion

$400 + 40 return shipping = $440

Foam panels or Flair/Cair system removed and replaced with Jacobean wool.

Tree adjustments


*Widen or narrow tree where applicable.

Replace Billets

$40/ea $150 for a full set.

*Additional fees apply if saddle needs to be un-stitched and reassembled to access billets.

Reconfiguring Billet System

Quoted upon examination

*Adding webbing, point billets, or other reconfiguration of the billeting system.

Relace Pommel or Cantle


*Restitch front or rear of panel; this service may be necessary to flock or replace billets on certain types of saddle.

Embrace Saddle Fit offers full repair services through Debonnaire Saddlery. Please visit for additional services and price quotes.

*Prices quoted are estimates and we reserve the right to charge extra for additional services and time.